We hired  Alumni Digital to produce a new website for us. The timely approach and exceptional creativity was a delight for us to work with. Everything was always clearly explained  and we are very happy with the results.  We worked very closely with Colleen, she is a  critical thinker who is highly skilled in business and technology. She has taken the lead in creating our website and we are looking forward to working with her and the team again.

Colleen is reliable and dependable and is very professional. Her business and leadership qualities are outstanding, and we would happily re-employ Colleen and the Alumni Digital team.

Thank you

Pat E. CEO

Colleen leads the team very well, she is articulate, with creative ideas and contributions, she has a good knowelge of her field and has a passion for her work. Colleen listens and delivers on expectations and achieves great results.

Chris B. Business Mentor


Colleen is very orginal and develops excellent ideas, she is resourceful and leads her team well, her presentation skills are exceptional and working with her has been wonderful. Colleen is leading our team on how to enhance our Diversity and Inclusion and is working closely with our Director on how to develop this further. Colleen has a Masters in Business Psychology and she clearly gets how organisations work.

Ruth T. HR Manager