3 reasons why the new year is the best time to develop your team.

Right now the Christmas music is playing in the stores, and Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is giving her another $400,000. Anyway, you are probably not thinking about anything other than a tax return and getting ready for the festive season. However, when the new year comes in, your employees will be thinking about their lives and whether working for you is what they want to do. To keep your employees interested and passionate about where they are in their life, you as the CEO, MD or Senior Manager needs to consider keeping your employees engaged.

Have a read of these three short tips to make sure you are developing your team.

1. If you are on a budget or you are trying to save a few coins, have a look out for some excellent training events on Eventbrite, Linkedin or even a quick Google search. Training and developing your employees is a unique way to ensure they remain engaged and it shows you care. Set some funds aside and find a programme that will suit your employees.

2. Your staff are most likely setting new years resolutions; this is the best time to connect with your team, they are happy from all the Christmas Turkey and presents, and they are ready to improve their skills. Why don’t you be a part of that by incorporating something new for your employees to feel included?

3. The new year brings out new ideas, new attitudes and new interests and as the employer, you need to discover how these new ideas can help your business grow. Listening to your staff’s further contributions gives them the feeling of inclusion and autonomy.

Find out more about a few training programmes we recommend on Twitter.


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