5 ways you can work successfully with challenging clients.

There is no perfect way to deal with demanding clients, but there is a way you can manage your own actions and expectations. People are very different, and one size does not fit all.

You may have some things in common with your clients on a personal level, and you may believe the relationship will be a great fit. The client is in the ideal industry, so what could go wrong?


Read these five quick tips which you can use when working with challenging clients.


1. Be Honest: It is imperative you are honest with your client. Do not promise work you cannot deliver.  It is great to sell your self, but you must not oversell it. Make your objectives clear from the start.


2. Research: Do your research, find out what your client needs and discuss it before starting work. Show the client you are interested in them, and share how you will enhance their business.


3. Be Realistic: Set realistic deadlines. Let the client know how long the work is going to take and come to an agreement on this. Do not underestimate and set time for changes and amendments.


4. Stand Your Ground: Some may say the client is always right, but that is just not true.  Clients have their opinions, and it is crucial to acknowledge their views. However, the client has come to you for help, so they need to trust your judgement, and you need to reassure them you know what you are doing.


5. Be Thankful:  Thank your clients for their advice, opinions, beliefs and views. Be prepared to acknowledge their contributions, be thankful they have come to you and remind them of their importance to you and your organisation.

Try these easy five steps and find yourself getting along just fine with your client, you never know you may even end up getting a free meal. 🙂


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