How to make your Power Point presentations more interesting.

At some point, we have all drifted off while someone presented their powerpoint slides. It’s that awkward feeling of getting caught with your head in your lap. Sound familiar? Well, how confident are you that when it’s your turn, your audience is wide awake? It isn’t easy, presentation slides are often dull, primarily if they are not used correctly.

PowerPoint slides are better used as visual aids, filling slides with large amounts of text is power pointless. The right text sum gives your slides a sophisticated feel. Otherwise, it may become difficult to read, and your audience grows less engaged. Use bullet points to separate your ideas, and expand on them while presenting.

Images speak a thousand words, use them to get your points across. Use pictures that support your text and ideas and if you are really fancy add GIF. Avoid using transitions, they look a little “primary school”, and you can hold off on the sound effects. There is nothing more off-putting that hearing laser sounds on a power point presentation.

Use a designed template, if designing is not your thing, get this done correctly. Do not allow your slides to look amateur. People remember visuals, let your slide complement your words. Font choices and text sizes are also something to consider. Make sure your text is large enough to read, avoid fancy writing, just keep it simple.

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