5 small changes you can make to help you become more successful at work

A number of us are working full-time and long working hours may contribute to feeling exhausted. When feeling strained, we are not working at our best, thus impacting our mood and overall health. If you are unable to cut down your working hours, try these small changes and watch them make a big difference.

1 Go Outside

Having your lunch break at your desk is just not wise. You are not taking a break, and you are probably getting bits of salad all over your keyboard. Going outside and getting some fresh air will rejuvenate you, ensuring you get the boost you need to stay productive.

2. Music

If possible, soft but motivating music in the background creates a friendly atmosphere. If you have your own office, you may enjoy having a little music to keep you feeling creative. If sharing your workspace use some headphones but make sure your music is not too loud as you still need to hear your colleagues and be mindful of others working.

3.Protect your eyes

Taking regular screen breaks is vital. Looking at your computer screen for extended periods may cause headaches and discomfort. Use a notepad and pen to help give your eyes something else to focus on.  Perhaps consider using your notebook to takes notes in a meeting instead of using a device. Make sure you turn the brightness down on your devices as this may be harmful to your eyes if the light is too high.


Having small sips of water throughout the day gets your brain working.  Dehydration can cause fatigue, headaches and discomfort. Aim to have at least a litre of water a day to feel the full benefits. 

5.Use a timer

If you are not careful, you will find yourself sitting down all day. Set a  timer on your device to remind you to stand up. You can do this approximately every hour. Sitting for long periods is not good for our health. It increases heart issues and knee problems and various other illness. If you do not have access to a standing desk then stand up and get moving.

These small changes will help you feel more successful at work.  Take your time and introduce a few of these tips, you may just notice the differences. If you do not, well perhaps you just need a nap. 🙂

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