4 Ways You’re Getting Lost Online

We all have our own social media accounts, so I guess that make us experts? We all have a bank account so I guess we are all accountants right?  Well,  not exactly, the truth is when using your own social media accounts you have a  different reasons or agenda. However, social media for business is different and requires expertise.

You might be trying to figure it all out for yourself and ultimately you are not getting heard, so what are you doing wrong? Here are 4 ways you are getting lost online!

1.You are not on the right social platform

Using the wrong social platform will result in you getting lost. If your target market is women between 40-60 you are more likely to find them on Facebook than on Snap Chat. Knowing where your audience is, will help you follow the right path.

2. You are not considering content

It is important you consider including blog content on your website. Having thought leadership content creates an excellent opportunity to drive traffic to your site. Using the correct language and a marketing agency (us) is important when creating excellent content.

3.Get your timing right 

Timing is key. Find out when your core audience is online and then begin sharing your content. There is no point sharing when your audience isn’t paying attention.

4. Images 

They say a photo speaks a thousand words. Well in this case it does. We are living in the selfie age so make the most of it. Get your best pictures out, tag your photos and add them to your website and social media channels.

Being online is essential for the growth of your business, but getting it wrong can do more harm to your brand than you think. Get the right diagnosis and implementation and take your company to the next level.




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