4 signs your Marketing Team needs help!


Asking for help has its challenges and sometimes finances get in the way. However the longer you leave your problems the worst they may become.

Read our top tips and discover whether these 4 signs are familiar to your marketing team.  If so, you may want to make a few changes to avoid impacting your business growth long-term.

1. Your Content is not engaging:  You are churning out content, but you are not seeing the rewards. Focus on the quality of the content. If you can’t get the quantity ensure you have excellent quality.

2. You do not have a Social Media plan: Social Media can be overwhelming if you do not have a plan. Think about who you are targeting and for what purpose. Social Media is your company’s voice, so what do you want it to say? Think about the platforms you are on and if it is relevant to your customers.

3.Your marketing isn’t helping your sales team develop leads: Your marketing team must be strong enough to help your sales team drive the leads. If you do not have great content your sales team has nothing to shout about. It is important that you give your sales team the tools they need in order to turn leads into customers.

4.External insight: Looking at the same website or content every day, and often being expected to do something amazing or new. How frustrating! When seeking external help, you can get a fresh pair of eyes to help support your business growth and vision.